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Many organizations call a certain park or natural space of the City their home and steward this region as if it were indeed their own. Volunteers spend time, money, and resources to make these slices of the park lands protected and pristine. Over the past couple years, we have noticed a pattern with the City not properly maintaining the lands, ignoring these stewards’ efforts, avoiding community engagement, and simply invading these areas. Many groups are currently dealing with these types of  issues such as Sedgley Disc Golf Course, Edgely Ultimate Fields, FDR Park, MLK Drive, and more.

The Fairmount Park Commission used to make all decisions about park lands in the City, but since the Commission disbanded, these decisions have now become more political. With no or little counterbalance or alternative say in park matters, the City will continue to use their governmental overreach making decisions on behalf of the community without actually tapping into the community or soliciting proper feedback and engagement. 

As stewards of this land, we need to band together and protect these spaces. Friends of Fairmount is a diverse group of citizens that use and value the green and open spaces that exist in our region. We are coming together to form a coalition of folks willing to share their stories and connections with their park.

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Join forces with other organizations who are (or will go through) devastating losses to their piece of Philly parks. Together we can prevent piecemeal diminishment of greenspace.

We rely on membership from a diversity of organizations who use Fairmount Park. Join us today either as an individual or an organization!

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