Cobbs Creek

Our group is aimed at correcting the loss of representation that occurred when the Fairmount Park Commission was abolished. Reestablish civic engagement on matters in the park that we see being made exclusively by politicians.



February 2022 saw the deforestation of a grove of trees in Cobb’s Creek, including hundreds of mature and heritage trees, cleared as part of renovations for the Cobbs Creek Golf Course. While the City provided a permit to remove a portion of these trees, the special heritage tree removal permit was applied for after their removal.  Worse still, there was not meaningful public engagement with the local neighborhood, including the many residents who used this grove as an escape from the urban bustle and are devastated with this loss of green space.  Local residents have long loved this deforested grove and are enraged that politicians would work with developers to take away cherished green space and woodland without following environmental and public participation rules. 





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Rochelle Maurer

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