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A consistency of standards throughout the many small and the several very large parks

I played my first games at Edgely as a college student in 1989, and now I play summer league there with my son 33 years later. As a high school coach and principal in Philadelphia, Edgely is so important to me because it is what is allowing us to grow Ultimate in Philadelphia. The SLA teams play after-school games and tournaments there all spring and fall. And in May, we'll host the Semi-Finals and Finals of the Philly League at Edgely. There really is nothing quite like spending a weekend at Edgely watching hundreds of kids from Philadelphia and the surrounding region play against each other and build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. My Edgely story is 33 years old and growing, and it spans my time as a college player, club player, coach, principal and father. Edgely matters because we can impact the lives of thousands of people - students and adults alike - every year.

- Chris Lehmann

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