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And with full bellies and sharing of humanity, we grew

There is something magical about Edgely, the home of Ultimate in Philly.  A greenspace like no other. Fields. Lightning bugs.  Surrounded by trees.  With a house (and a bathroom), I once helped paint. And memories you might not ever think were possible, were created. Under the blazing sun, on sweltering, humid summer evenings, and in the cool dark nights, around a grill, connecting with the other humans with words and over food, in different ways than you did playing your sport.  And with full bellies and sharing of humanity, we grew.  And we grow. 

Where else in Philadelphia feels like a folk festival in the woods every night of the week? Full of loving people communing with nature, kids with free rein and neighborly sharing of food.  It’s the communing with nature at night in what feels like a safe, yet private, public space, that is really the most special part of Edgely.  The fields are nice.  The bathroom is great.  The after-hours community building is what makes this place what it is, and why it feels like such sacrilege to take it away.

- Jess Lienert

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